29 February 2020



it is empties time! I don't know why I'm so excited about it but still after so many posts I still love it.

I finished two bottles (one month and a half) of this magical The Body Shop limited edition scent called Pappermint Candy Cane body lotion. I think they had it out in December of 2018, I fell in love with it and bought some backups (I  have two more ;). This scent to put it blunt is After 8 chocolate in a bottle. After applying it all over my body I smelled like I dipped myself into mint and chocolate bath. Very nice but then the cooling sensation came around and in the middle of the Winter that is not nice. I think I will use the remaining two bottles in the warmer weather.

Next is my beloved Alkmene tea tree face wash. I think I have talked about it so many times that I'm lost for words. What can I say about it that I haven't said before? Maybe I can  just try to describe it in a few words and be done with it. It is a gel that removes my make up (I use oil to melt my make-up and then follow with this face wash to remove that) and leaves my skin clean but it doesn't dry it out. I'm prone to acne and I think that little of tea tree oil that it contains keeps my skin balanced and it doesn't tip it over the edge. It is one of the two face washes that I keep buying and using and I'm planing on buying some more.

This Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation in Light beige, turned into my favorite foundation upon the first application. I like how buildable it is, it has really nice coverage and it dries into an almost matte finish that doesn't look too fake. I also like that you can mix some highlighter in it and it doesn't worsen the performance or makes application harder like the L'oreal one did. An extra bonus is also the perfect shade match. I already use a new bottle of the same 'juice'.

Second to last are The BodyShop lightening shade adjusting drops which were so necessary when I was using the L'oreal 24 hour matte foundation. I still have one more tube of that foundation left and one more bottle of the lightening drops around so I guess I will have to use them up sometime soon but I just can't prepare myself because it is much more simple to use the Catrice foundation mentioned above and not be bothered with mixing.

I remember I was very hesitant to use this Nivea original lip balm because I had bad experience with Labello or Nivea lip balms but I purchased this one in an advent calendar so I didn't really choose it, it was part of a bigger pack but I was so pleasantly surprised. It is very creamy almost buttery and it coats the lips very well (I like that texture, I can't stand hard balms that don't melt and it feels like you are rubbing plastic all over you). The scent is barely there, the packaging is plain but what is inside really matters and I was impressed, so much that when I saw this super awesome deal, pack of two for the price of one I went into the store but unfortunately I couldn't find it so at the end I didn't repurchase it. I still have plenty of lip balms and my plan is to use them up and then get my favorites and this one is in my top three balms so I will make sure to buy it again in the future.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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