01 March 2020



I had this nail polish for quite a while but since I'm doing the nail polish project (I'm trying to finish up as many bottles as possible, so I'm wearing the same colors over and over again, some newer bottles just don't get their turn which is a shame) I only got around using it now in 2020.

It is Avon nail style studio mark nail varnish in the shade Agatha.

I have a huge crush on the sand finish nail polishes and when I saw this collection I knew I will get at least one of them. I picked purple because I never had purple sand finish polish before.

There are some bigger glitters thrown in the mix for that extra special factor but are a nightmare to remove. This as all of gritty varnishes lasted on me for a long time, I had to remove it because my nails grow so much and there was too much 'empty' space from the nail bed. I love that these are so low maintenance.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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