21 March 2020

Hot Plumper


for today I have something hot and spicy for you ;)
Catrice PR team kindly sent me this new item and since I'm a big fan of the lip products, especially tingly ones I had high hopes for it...

Catrice volumizing extreme lip booster in Hot Plumper. It contains menthol & chili extract for extra tingling effect.
I'm used to minty lip glosses that cools down my lips and I love them in the hot weather, this one doesn't have the cooling effect but rather a burning one. Imagine eating spicy food and you accidentally get it on your lips and they feel burning hot? Well, that is how this one feels, not cooling but still tingly just in a different way. Did my lips looked any bigger? I don't think so but that is also not the reason why I wear them.

It looks light pink and when I tried to swatch it I could barely see any color and on my lips it looks completely clear (my lips are slightly tinted so that is probably the reason why the super sheer color doesn't show).
When PR team contacted me and offered this products I was over the moon because I love tingling lip products, I expected to be cooling but the chili extract does something different and like it a lot. It is very, very strong so if you haven't tried any of the tingling lippies I don't suggest you to start with this one because you will have the feeling like your lips are about to fall off. It is very strong and not for the weak (on my arm where I attempted to swatch it it also started to tingle and affect the skin). It has a faint minty scent.
I hope they won't discontinue it soon and my suggestion would be to bring out the slightly more tinted version of it, that would make me love it even more. I give this product 10 out of 10.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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