15 March 2020



I like this collection from Avon naturals Raspberry & Hibiscus (it smells really nice, just like if I rolled in Raspberries) and this is hair mist to just add the scent to the hair. Since I started to use perfumes regularly this started to get unnecessary. I started to use it after using dry shampoo to get rid of the white cast and it helped to prevent white residue. I'm happy that I found a way to use it and that it is finally used up. I will no longer buy it because there is no need for it but I will for sure buy the shampoo and the conditioner from the same line.

Next is this Aveo Harmony hand cream that my mom gifted to me. It has a lovely scent of Violets and the formula isn't that bad. I still prefer the Avon Care hand creams but this is also very nice formula and they always have plenty of different scents to pick from. It helped to prevent dry skin and nourish my hands, you only have to be careful not to apply too much because then it won't absorb and your hands will be left all sticky.

This dry shampoo was an impulse purchase a while ago. It is from 'new' brand Langhaar Mädchen. They have lovely packaging and I also tried (smelled) their hair oil and it smells delicious but I decided that I don't need it at the moment but instead I got myself this dry shampoo and I could not be happier. The scent is kind of hard to describe it is very soft powdery-floral but it still makes a punch but the formula is what makes this one great. It has a very light white effect and when you shake or comb your hair they just look matte (what you wanted) and it doesn't change the color that much which is an absolute bonus. If I compare it to the popular Batiste they have more scents and are stronger but also the white cast is more obvious with the Batiste brand. So if you want something barely there go for this Langhaar Mädchen brand but if you prefer to switch out the scents then go with the Batiste. I think I will still buy from both brands (I can't forget the Batiste Peony scent but I prefer the formula of LM brand).

Next tube is the sad one :( In the past I have already used one and since I liked it so much I bought a set of this lotion and the fragrance. Unfortunately I have waited too long and this lotion went bad. It is Avon Perceive body lotion. The scent is powdery white flowers. Like clean cotton shirt that has been dried outside on the white flowers field, if that makes sense. I still have the 30 ml bottle of the perfume and for now that will have to be it. For a while now I'm not planing on buying new lotions since I have so many but if my taste won't change after I go through what I have I will probably buy it again but then I will make sure to use it up completely shortly after getting it.

Another Avon Perceive product and this one is the Oasis fragrance. To me it smelled like fresh cut Roses. Scent of Roses mixed with green notes, like a fresh cut bouquet. I used to really like scent like that but now I prefer something heavier and sweeter. I have been layering it and also using it as a room spray.

Another fragrance will leave my space and this one I liked even better than the one before. It is Avon Passion Fruit scentini fragrance. I know they have a bunch of these and they encourage you to buy more and layer them. I had quite a lot of them but at my recent decluttering I gave all of them away and kept only this fruity one. It is called Passion Fruit and that is how it smells like. Very fruity and at first it is also very strong. It doesn't have that much citruses added so it is not zingy but on a creamier side. Even though I'm not into super fruity scents this one still warm up my heart.

The very last items is this Rimmel London Stay Matte face powder in Transparent. After trying it a couple of times I fell in love with it and soon I found them on sale and bought a bunch of them as backups (I think I have five or six more ;). It performs very well on my oily skin. I like how it keep my natural oils at bay for longer and even when I reapply it at work it doesn't look cakey. Those two reasons are enough for me to go and buy multiples. I still love my Catrice all matt face powder but I got this Rimmel one for less  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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