30 March 2020

Morning Glory and Almighty single eye shadows


for today I have prepared two eye shadows from two different brands that I bought at the same day in the same store not realizing that they look so similar.

First is Essence Morning Glory and second L'oreal's Almighty single eye shadows.

Here the L'oreal one looks a bit darker but that could also be because of the 3D wave pattern.

They are both neutral coppery shades with plenty of shimmer and shine.

When swatched the shades looks exactly the same but the finish is what separates them.
Essence looks like a typical powder shadow with obvious sparkles which is completely fine but when compared to the Almighty which looks like it is a cream product or applied wet you can see the difference.

Almighty has more reflection than Morning Glory and it comes down to your own taste what you prefer. Blingy and shiny or more subdued shimmer?
I definitely don't need both so probably I will pass on of them to my sister but I haven't decided yet which to give away, any suggestions?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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