29 March 2020

Naked Petals


for today I have a product that is a bit older. It was part of a limited edition that came out last year already and I'm not sure if it is still available somewhere but since I really like it I decided to still show it on this little platform of mine.

Catrice Pure Simplicity limited edition lipstick in the shade Naked Petals. It is packed in sturdy cardboard and the whole collection had this recycled feel.
I also wanted the marbled blushes but since there were no testers out I decided to skip them and only get one lipstick.

Naked Petals caught my eye because it is a soft coral and it is a shade that I have been looking for. Initially I wanted a brighter shade and not in a matte format but I settled for this one and I don't regret it one bit.

It is supposed to be matte but freshly applied has some shine which dye down after a couple of seconds. I would like to touch the scent for a little since it is very unusual. To me it smells like cardboard and at first I thought that I smell the packaging but when the lipstick is closed I can't smell it, only when I remove the cap I get this weird scent. When I'm applying it I can detect it and it is quite strong but after a couple of seconds it fades away just like the slight shine.

I like to apply it lightly so I get just a touch of color and I'm loving it. The color is fantastic, it gives me life but is not too overpowering or too bright. It stays put even if I drink but after three or four hours I like to touch it up to revive the color and to 'moisturize' my lips. The formula isn't exactly drying but if I don't apply balm or something extra moisturizing every hour I'm risking severely dry and chapped lips. While wearing it my lips did got a bit more dry but not flaky or chapped so I don't think it is drying, I should probably apply a new coat every hour to maintain moisture level but I don't want the color to build up and be too bold. The other day I applied sheer gloss and I liked the look. At first I was scared that the gloss on top will move the pigment but that didn't happen so I'm combining it with the gloss more and more.
This formula is very good for a matte and the color is my perfect match. I'm super happy that I got this one and I know I will wear it a lot this Spring and Summer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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