26 March 2020

Catrice lip glosses


I thought that this year will be the year when I finally come down to somewhat 'normal' numbers of lip products but once again I fulled myself. This year alone I have already bought/received a full bag of lippies and my numbers aren't going down as I hoped for.
For today I have three different Catrice lip glosses that I bought recently.

First is Catrice generation plump & shine gloss in Sparkling Coral (4,3 ml), Catrice volumizing lip booster in Pink up the Volume (5 ml) and Catrice dewy-full lips conditioning lip butter named Be You Dew You! (8 ml).

As expected they all have different formulas and scents. Sparkling Coral has a barely there cookie scent, Pink up the Volume is minty and Be You Dew You! is the most scented and it remind me of cookies and toffee mixed together.

Also the applicators are slightly different but none is far off from each other.

They all come off as more sheer glosses which is something I prefer. The Sparkling Coral gives my lips some brightness and little shimmer makes them shine even more. This formula is one of my favorites (you can read about the Nude Sapphire which is my first and already used up gloss from this line).
Pink up the Volume is cooling and causes tingling effect (not as much as the new Volumizing Extreme lip booster) and adds just a touch of sheer color to my lips. I think I really picked out the best shade for my lips from this range.
Last is Be You Dew You! with nourishing shea butter. I feel like everyone loves these and that why I was so intrigued to pick one of them out. I decided to go with this pinky nude but it is a bit more pigmented and lighter than my lip color so it settles into my lines and doesn't look the best. I now wear lipstick underneath it to make it work but with this one I also have some issues with the scent, while it seems everyone raves about this sweet scent/taste is a bit much for me and I'm glad that I only picked out one because it will also be the last one form this range.

Sparkling Coral and Be You Dew You! have some sparkles to it and Pink up the Volume is a perfect cream but when I checked up the range different shades have different finishes.
For me the Generation Plump & Shine range still wins because these glosses are barely there scented, aren't sticky at all and they offer them in different shades and finishes.
I also very much love Volumizing lip booster because I'm a fan of minty sensation but I prefer to wear this type of lip products in the warmer weather and not in the Winter time so it is not as versatile as the first one.
My last favorite is obviously the Dewy-full lips because I didn't really get the shade that would suit me (completely my fault) but also the scent bothers me so I'm even thinking of throwing it away because I don't see myself going through the entire tube of it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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