15 April 2023



it is mid April already and I feel like I haven't used that many products lately but out of these five there are two fragrance bottles and I count that as a full success.

The first item is my beloved Ziaja Bubble Cola body wash for kids. I don't have kids, it is for me and me only. I love the true Coca-Cola scent and I especially like to use it instead of shampoo. It cleanses my hair really well, it could be drying so I make sure to use conditioner every once in a while to bring the moisture back but other than that I really like it. Shiny and smooth hair with lovely scent all day long, this one is already repurchased.

Avon care restoring moisture hand creams are made for dry skin. I finished two at the same time because I used one at work and one at home. These are some of the best formulas for my hands. Lightweight and quick to absorb while having light coconut scent, they are my favorite for a reason (besides the banana and the Jasmin one).

The last are two fragrances. One of my absolute favourites is Idôle by Lancôme in a 25 ml bottle (I love it so much that I also have a large 75 ml bottle of it which is still full). For me this fragrance is all year scent, great for the office and everyday gatherings. Juicy Pear with Rose, translucent and still very potent.

The last one is Cloud from Ariana Grande in a 30 ml bottle, this one however I will not be buying again because on my skin this scent just doesn't work. I love the creamy coconut scent but my skin makes it plastic like and I don't like that so I sprayed it on my bed and use it as my sleep scent. I will miss it but since I have so many perfumes I won't be buying it again.

le by Lanc

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