31 March 2023



this time around I managed to finish or at least let go of some lip products. I still have so many and I'm having a hard time navigating through them all. At one hand I would like to use all of them but if I focus on select few I have a chance to completely finish them up and minimise my collection.

Today I'm starting with two lip glosses, none of them is completely empty but first started to feel a bit weird (I think it is going off) and the other one is just too glittery for my taste. They are Essence shine, shine, shine lip glosses. The pink one is named Think Pink and the nude one is Bright on!. I love these but they are discontinued now and replaced with new formulas that I haven't tried yet but I'm definitely curious of. 

Next is Carmex Pear lip balm. I bought it because Pear lip products are rare and I really wanted to try it out. I liked the scent but the formula is on the thinner side and I was constantly reapplying it but to no avail, at midday my lips still felt dry and not nourished enough so I think Carmex just isn't a lip balm brand for me (I also bought Pomegranate version so hopefully it will suit me better).

A while ago I was obsessed with anything Coconut so obviously when I saw this big bottle of body wash I had to have it. It is Dove restoring ritual body wash with Coconut oil and almond milk. It smelled like a mix of these two notes plus a bit of plastic scent, it was faint but enough for me to detect (I get plastic like note in a lot of coconut products so maybe that is just me). It was creamy and it did lather well but scent wise I didn't like it that much so next time I will get a different scent.

Second to last item is Avene refreshing magnifying fluid which worked really well for my skin. It was a light cream, it did look a bit shiny at first but after a minute or two it got absorbed and left my skin hydrated and matte looking. There were no breakouts, no burning or itching  and it did its job. I really liked it, my only minus is the packaging because I was not able to get everything out (I did turn it upside down and scoop it out but some of it still stayed in and I was not able to get it completely). I would buy this again in the future, after I finish some more products.

The very last item is my magical product and it is Afrodita Great Burdock hair oil. I use this to promote hair growth (on my hair, brows and lashes) and the results are in after two or three days. Not long ago I noticed that a lot of my hair fell off, I didn't notice any bald patches just there were a lot of hair on the floor and I got scared. Using this oil religiously and I'm blessed with a bunch of new baby hair. I absolutely love this oil and will buy it till the end of my days. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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