15 May 2023



I really thought that this post in the middle of the month will be filled with products but at the end I only managed to finish up four, a bit sad but that means that there will be more empties next time.

First is a body lotion from Avon and it is their fragranced Her Story, Love Inspires body moisturizer. I was surprised at how much I liked the scent. It has praline note which is for me the most prominent and I can detect some florals even though I can't pick them apart. My skin isn't very dry at the moment so this lotion is ether quite moisturising or my skin just didn't need much hydration at the moment. I would get it again for the scent alone but I have to finish some other ones first.

Next I finished up two lip balms. First is Crazy Rumors Grape Jelly and I have nothing but praises for it. It is soft and looks almost glossy on the lips (my favourite type of a formula) and the scent really is perfectly described in the name. It is full of oils and butters and my lips loved this formula. At the same time I also bought the Honeycomb version which feels the same on the lips (the ingredients list seems a bit mixed up but for the most part they contain almost the same ingredients just in different proportions), with a different scent. After I will finish both of them up I will get myself some more, there is a Cereal Milk version that I would love to try out next.

The second lip balm is from Avon and it is from their winter limited edition (they had two, the other Vanilla one in purple packaging I also got but I haven't opened that one yet and I'm doubting that I will). Mine is Apple Pie version and to me it smells more like a true apple, which in hindsight isn't bad but a little unexpected. This formula is thin and disappears quickly, so reapplying is a must. My lips after a few hours did get a bit dry if I used this one on its own so I don't think this formula works for me that well and I do regret getting both versions. It is not bad, I just don't think it does much for me.

The very last item is Hada Labo Tokyo concentrated water serum with lock-in-moist formula and plenty of Hyaluronic Acid. I would use this thicker but fast absorbing gel after pure Hyaluronic Acid serum all over my face but since it absorbed into my skin pretty fast I usually use some extra oil on top to really lock it in (I love slugging my skin for bed time). And for layering this was a nice product but I haven't seen any major benefits while using it, instead I could just use a thicker moisturiser on top or skip it and apply oil over serums. This product was nice but somehow unnecessary in my evening routine.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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