31 May 2023



as promised this time I have way more finished items than in my previous post. I was working overtime on some of them to be able to finish them up.

This is already my second and maybe also my last tube of Cosrx Salicyilc acid daily gentle cleanser. I love using it at night after already cleansing my face as a treatment. It is a cream product and it gets creamy and slightly foamy while mixed with water. I just gently massage it onto my face and afterwards my skin feels and looks softer with less texture. I would buy it again if I would find it but I bought from the same brand another one with the same active ingredient and I will see if it is just as good.

Next is this Balea Almon and Cherry Blossom body wash. It smells divine and my first thought was to get a backup immediately but the texture didn't convinced me. It is watery and it doesn't foam... it feels weird and I get a feeling like I'm not properly cleaning my body. I do have another scent which I'm using at the moment and after the second tube is gone I will no longer buy this body wash no matter how good it smells.

In the white tube is Ziaja hand cream with silk proteins and provitamin B5. It is a lightweight cream which absorbs quickly and makes my hands soft but I have noticed that after I wash my hands (even after hours) it just comes off and my hands aren't any better... it looks like it works while it is on but after washing my hands the benefits are washed away. It seems like it doesn't penetrate my skin and work its magic. I did finish it up but I will not buy it again. 

Next is basic Jojoba oil by Pflanzen Kosmetik. I primarily used it as my make-up remover. It melts my products nicely and afterwards a gentle cleanser is able to remove it all. In my opinion very simple jet effective product and I have already repurchased it.

This is super old limited edition Carice Bronze away to... hydrating fixing spray. At first I was scared that there will be some shimmer or glitter particles but it doesn't contain any. I really liked this one and I'm eager to see if they will have another LE one this year and in the mean time I just got their 'regular' fixing spray. 

Another repurchased item is this Eveline cosmetics Expert C serum with 12% active vitamin C. I love Vitamin C on my skin and how well it combats my hyperpigmentation left after acne. This one is on the inexpensive side of the range and it works so I already have a new bottle of it. 

Under is Nuxe Honey balm which was my lip balm of choice for night time and it was really nice. Not quite fantastic so I am using something else at the moment but it is quite possible that I will get it again. I love the honey scent and how greasy it is but at the same time sometimes I thought it was just too greasy, but none the less it was nourishing enough for me to get me through some dry patches in my life.

The last one is my beloved L'occitane hand cream in the Neroli and Orchide Intense version. I'm still not the biggest fan of their formula (they do have different ones, gel has to be my favourite) -this one being a lightweight cream but the scent is what I was sold on. It is a gorgeous sunny and warm neroli and since I love it so much my sister already got me another one as a gift :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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