16 December 2023



this time around there is a big bunch of empties coming form my side.

First is a classic for me as it is my favourite morning cream. It is Neutrogena clear & defeat oil free moisturiser. It doesn't add oil, lightweight texture is enough to moisturise and make-up sits nicely over the top. I already have a few back-ups ready.

Next is Beauty GlamHyaluronic boost serum which I like to add to my skincare at night time. It is a bit thicker but not sticky, it is nice to layer some heavier creams over the top or even oils. I already have a back up of it already.

The tube is Avon's sensitive dual collagen eye cream. The formula is on the lightweight side and I noticed over time that my wrinkles got less obvious. I only used it at night time but even once a day it was enough to see the results. I really liked it and will buy it again but furst I have to go through a few other eye creams.

Next is also product from Avon and it is 5 in one lash genius mascara in Blackest Black. It has a big chubby plastic wand reminiscent of the one from their Supershock line (this one slims in the middle, like an hourglass shape). The formula was getting better with time (like most mascaras does for me) and it elongated my lashes and separated them, in the end it looked quite natural and that is what I'm looking for. At the moment I have plenty of different mascaras but eventually I will buy this one again.

My favourite concealer is this inexpensive Essence camouflage+ matt concealer in the shade Light Rose (it only has a rosy undertone). It is not too dry and it settles into my fine lines very minimally plus the price is so cheap. I continue to buy it again and again, sometimes I try different shade but always come back to this concealer (there is also healthy glow version instead of matt which I also like, I don't find any difference in texture so I buy one or the other).

First and barely visible is a swatch of Avon Jelly lip tint in the shade Sheer Pink, it looks more peachy but once applied to my lips it starts turning bright pink (it warms up but I don't know why I couldn't get that shade on the back of my hand). Sometimes this taste a bit like plastic and I don't like that but the stain was even and nice. This item is already discontinued but even if it would still be available I would not get it because of the taste, there are way too many similar items on the market that taste better.

Also in a black packaging is Catrice melting kiss lipstick in the shade Catching Feels. It is a soft pink with sliver shimmer which doesn't look too sparkly but instead make my lips look more glossy. I very much love this formula and will buy it again. I would like to try other shades as well but I'm definitely getting this soft pink again.

Last lipstick is also discontinued item and it is Essence colour up! shine on! lippie in the shade Rosey Glitz. it is a brown toned nude and super glossy. It is buildable and my preferred way is one or two layers so I would get just a wash of colour, more like a tinted lip balm and the scent is something like baked goods... so very nice. It does make me sad that these are no longer sold since this is my second and apparently last bullet of it. 

At the end there is Avon nail experts cuticle care conditioner. The texture is across between water and oil and I liked putting and massaging it into my cuticles before remaining my nails. I don't think this is still available since it is so very old but right now I'm using oil and I prefer this formula since it isn't so oily and greasy. If I find it or something similar I will get it again. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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