01 May 2016

27. NOTD


I'm a huge fan of rough finish on my nails. I love the texture since it is so different and touchable also they are very strong and perfect for when my nails are breaking. They are in a very bad state in the moment, so I had to use tape to glue them together and when I use textured nail polish you really can't see what is going on.

Catrice Royal Redding

I choose one out of two sand finish nail polishes that I own. This baby is from Catrice and it is named Royal Redding. When applying it looks very jelly like but when it dries the sand finish kicks in and you can spot lots of red glitter making it more special.

Catrice Royal Redding

Here it is on the nails, I would say it is medium red shade but depending on the light it can look darker or brighter. For me this one is really fascinating and I'm a bit sad that they decided to discontinue it.

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