04 May 2016

sun protection


a while ago I bought new sun cream for my face. I can never get it right. Usually they are always to greasy. They make my skin even oilier and they also make me break out. Finding the right protection can be a real hassle. I took this one because it was on the cheaper side and it says on the tube that it has fluid like consistency and matte finish, all that made me think that it will be less greasy.

Lavazon sonnen fluid mattierend SPF30

So, the brand is Lavazon and the products name is sonnen fluid mattierend SPF30. I really had high hopes for it. The scent is typical which I actually like. The texture is a bit more liquid so the name fluid has a point. When applying it to my face I didn't noticed that it would be too white, just a little like any other cream but nothing too much. At first it goes on matte but if you want to apply proper amount of cream it gets complicated. My skin somehow just couldn't absorb it and I started to glow right after applying it. The next time I tried with less and it worked better but after two-three hours my face looked like a light bulb. After using it for the whole week my skin broke out and four huge pimples appeared and I blame this sun cream for it.
Unfortunately this product doesn't work for my sensitive skin but thankfully I found the one from Holika Holika which thick all the boxes for me.

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