03 May 2016

Black waterproof mascara


I have a confession to make. I have never tried waterproof mascara before in my life. This one is the first and I bought it to test it in the hot summer days but unfortunately the weather drastically changed but it is getting warmer and I get hot at work so I think I properly tried it out anyway.

Avon Super shock max in black

For the first one I wanted to get mascara I'm familiar with so I got one of my favorites in waterproof version. This one is by Avon and it is their Super shock max in black (it's sister super shock one is best seller but I prefer this one).

Avon Super shock max in black

It has rubber bristles which I like and there are tons of little spikes which combs through and individualize and elongates every lash. I think it gives a really natural but enhanced look but of course you can layer it and make it more dramatic. When it comes to the formula of this particular one I found it is very watery. Almost always I ended with a goopey stuck together lashes and I really didn't like it. I blame it one the wet formula so I left it open for a bit. Not to long just enough to evaporate the excess of water and now it is perfect. It doesn't flake on me and I can also use it on my lover lashes which always smudge but not with this baby.
I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I sometimes use it on its own or on top of my regular mascara and especially on my lover lashes. At first it was a bit too wet but since I let it dry a little it has become perfect. I don't know if I will ever be found without it.

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