12 May 2016

Monoi spray


I'm back with something nicely scented. A while ago I wrote about the oil and since I also have the body spray version of the same scent I decided to post it here plus I checked their offical page and this line is available again.

Yves Rocher Monoi body spray

So, this is Yves Rocher Monoi body spray. The scent is the same, a bit tropical and coconut-y. It instantly teleports you into paradise. I love using them in conjunction. I moisturize my body with the oil and I follow up with the spray, a little spritz over my clothes and hair so the scent lingers longer.
This has to be my favorite combo for the warmer months, I started using them last year but honestly the year was to short. I will use them up before the summer will be over and I will definitely repurchase.

P.S. I also have the shampoo in the same scent. Yes, I know I sound a bit crazy but it smells so good. I'm only missing the perfume and oil with golden shimmer, well maybe this year I will complete the collection   ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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