20 May 2016

Play with cushion


BB creams packed in cushion form are getting really popular and almost every brand is coming up with their version of it. I don't know if I can buy in my local store any from the western brands but e-bay is floated with Asian (original) products so I took advantage and ordered one.

Missha Magic cushion moisture shade 21

This  is Missha Magic cushion moisture in the shade 21. The packaging is very fancy, not only it looks sophisticated all decked in white and gold but also the opening mechanism is nice. You only press the button and the compact open itself. Great for keeping my manicured nails in superb condition.

Missha Magic cushion moisture shade 21

Inside you get a puff which you use to apply the product (you only get it if you buy the whole thing, when purchasing the refill you don't get an extra one). Inside the lid is shiny but not mirror like, so touching up on the go is not the option, I kind of expected a nice mirror inside because the packaging is so bulky but nope.

Missha Magic cushion moisture shade 21

When you open the plastic where the product is hidden my first thought was, yikes, that is orange but when you get the product out on the skin the color is much nicer. This, what are you watching is not the product but just a sponge and the product is underneath (I took this photo before I started using it so the sponge on the photo is still dry and there is no product on it).

Missha Magic cushion moisture shade 21

It is pretty yellow toned which works for me just fine. The coverage is low to medium. If you have big red dots don't expect this baby will be able to cover them up because it won't. I used concealer underneath but I find out that the sponge messed it up and removed it so afterwards my flaws were on a display for everyone to see.

Missha Magic cushion moisture shade 21

When purchasing this one I messed it up, I wanted to get the one in a silver packaging which is meant for oily skin but instead I bought the one for dry skin so it is very dewy but I noticed after a while the shine does fade, it is still dewy but not as at the beginning. I usually set it with some powder and I'm good for a while.
I get why cushions are popular, first of all the application is so neat and fun to use but when it comes to the point how practical it is... It is nice to use on 'big' areas such as cheeks, forehead, chin, neck but when it comes to the nose and eye area I had issues. I just can't get a nice flawless application there. It is hard to explain but when you are 'working' on your nose or inner corners of the eye you are at the same time taking the product off and I always have to go back and use my fingers so the sponge in some cases is useless. I'm not saying it is bad, it applies the product lovely but for smaller areas it would be better if the sponge would be smaller.

I have a bit of an issue with the coverage, meaning it is not enough for me but I hope one day my skin will get better and I will be comfortable enough to wear something light. I like the color of the product, it matches me pretty well. The sponge application is fun but only on bigger areas on my face otherwise I have to help myself with fingers. Would I repurchase it? Probably not and I think now I'm done with cushion items, they are fun but not as practical as I thought.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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