22 May 2016

Project polish 2


last month I first updated you with my take on the project polish and I decided to continue with posts (if you are interested in introduction post it is here). I love seeing empty bottles but at first I thought it would be super hard to finish any, almost five months later and I used up 8 nail polishes and the most important thing is that I'm not tired and done. Year has seven more months...

Essence Blue addicted & Joy 72

First on the photo is Essence Blue addicted glittering top coat. You can see from the bottle design that this is old and I'm glade it is gone since this was never among my favorites. I know it is hard to see how this one looks like but you can follow this link where I posted up close photos.
Second raspberry shade is from a brand called Joy, they have very affordable prices and sometimes I get some funky shades from them (by funky I mean colors that I'm not so sure I will like but I want to try them up). However, they don't have names just numbers and this one is 72, I fell in love as soon as I applied it. The shade is gorgeous and if I will be able to find another bottle I will purchase it for sure. If you are interested in the shade you can see it better here.

I'm already working on some other polishes and I can only hope that the next month will be successful like this one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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