14 May 2016

Bronze sheen on my eyes


I bought this pencil only because it was on a special offer and really affordable. I'm enjoying bronze-y shades on my lids so I thought this would be perfect when I don't want to mess with eye shadows.

Avon's kohl eye liner Bronze Sheen

It is Avon's kohl eye liner in the shade Bronze Sheen. It is meant to be smudged to create the perfect smokey eye using only one pencil, so at the end you can find convenient rubbery applicator which you use to smear the liner.

Avon's kohl eye liner Bronze Sheen

Pencil is wooden so to maintain the shape you have to sharpen it. Also, it is a bit hard, when I tried it on the back of my hand it wasn't so obvious but on the eye, holy cow. It did tug my lid and it was a bit hard to manage. I thought when it will warm up it will be better but nope, it is still hard.

Avon's kohl eye liner Bronze Sheen

This is conveniently cut rubber applicator which you use to smudge the line when you're making the smokey eyes. I tried it and I feel that it takes too much of the color away, what I'm left with is just some mediocre brown, nothing exciting.

Avon's kohl eye liner Bronze Sheen

In my opinion this color is medium brow with golden glitter which gives the illusion of a bronze shade. To get the color you see on the swatch I had to go over and over to build up the color and I also had to press pretty hard, much harder than on the eye.

Avon's kohl eye liner Bronze Sheen

Here you maybe see the specks a bit better.
Avon makes great pencils within the glimmerstick line (I love their lip liners, brow pencil and the regular ones meant for the eyes). I tried a couple and none of them let me down so this time I decided to branch out and this is what I got.
To sum it up, this kohl is way to hard for my sensitive eye area, the color is nice but to get this rich brown you have to layer at least five/six layers to get anything remotely similar. To me it isn't worth it, I would much rather spend my hard earned cash on glimmersticks, they simply rock.

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