27 May 2016

eye cream


I have read so many good reviews about this eye cream so I gave it a go. I purchased it at the beginning of April and have been using it since.

Afrodita Hydra thermal eye cream

It is from Afrodita and the line is Hydra thermal, it contains Hyalurnic acid and fights against first wrinkles, dark circles & puffines. I personally don't have big issues with dark under eyes or puffines but I heard it does amazing job at reducing small wrinkles. The light consistency of this cream is great for the morning when I'm in the rush because it absorbs fast but if you apply more it takes a while. So usually in the morning I use a tiny bit of it and in the evening I don't hold back. I'm using it for a good month and a half and what I noticed is that my skin is more moisturised but I haven't noticed any wrinkle improvement.
All in all I do like it, I haven't noticed any side effects (more prominent veins or something like that) and it does moisturise but I wasn't super impressed by it ether.
My conclusion would be that this cream is nice if you are looking for some basic moisture and you don't have the time or patience to wait for it to absorb but if you are looking for something anti-aging this probably won't be enough.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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