19 May 2016

Coconut on my lips


my last lip balm in a pot, which I use every evening was finished, so it got replaced with this baby. I honesty didn't have high hopes because my last balm from the brand was not working for me.

 Labello lip butter in coconut scent

I caved in last year and purchased Labello lip butter in coconut scent. They were all the rage when they came out with them and I felt I was missing out on something, so when I saw coconut flavour (huge fan of the scent) I purchased it.
The smell is actually very pleasant and not to artificial. The texture is a bit light, not what I expected from a butter but it stays on my lips for quite a while (longer than normal lip balms). I usually only use it before going to bed and in the morning when I get ready but to test it out I wore it all day, that is how I know that it lasts longer and it is super moisturizing even on my dry lips.
The scent is not to invasive but soft and there is no plastic taste in my mouth after wearing it  for a while.
I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised, I really didn't expect to be amazed by it but I am. I have nothing bad to say about this product except, I wish they would make the same formula in a stick version. I already know I'm repurchasing but if I will get tired of the scent (the pot is huge) I might buy it in a different version.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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