25 May 2016

Blush artist shading palette


I have been holding on to this palette for so long. It came out in January and ever since I wanted to get it. There are three versions but I felt like the Pink and Coral have similar shades within the same palette and in each there was at least one I thought I won't use so I didn't even bother picking them up.

Catrice Blush artist shading palette Bronzeclat

But I did picked this one, Catrice Blush artist shading palette in Bronzeclat. It comes in a transparent packaging with three huge pans. No fuss, just products and I appreciate that.

Catrice Blush artist shading palette Bronzeclat

One of the reasons why I picked this exact palette was also color scheme. I thought I will get a nice matte bronzer, glowing blush and a highlighter but did I get that?

Catrice Blush artist shading palette Bronzeclat

Here they are swatched inside and you can see that the first shade is too warm to be a bronzer. It is brick-orangey shade, if I put it high on my cheekbones it looks like I got a burn. Of course I use a light hand because it is super pigmented and also I don't want to look like I spent too much time outside but I do find it to be very interesting shade and also flattering on lighter skintone. Just bear in mind that you have to use a very light hand.
Second shade is pure perfection for me. Light peachy shade with a lot of golden glare, not shimmer just glow. It is my favorite among the three.
The last one is a highlighter which is a slightly pink tinted and I can't use it on its own on the higher points of my face but I don't use them like that anyway. I like to top my blushes with them and in combination with the first shade it is gorgeous. Because it is tinted it lightens up the first blush color and makes it softer and more wearable.

Catrice Blush artist shading palette Bronzeclat

Here they are outside on the sun, if you enlarge the photo you can see the glow better.
I'm happy with my purchase even though it is not quite what I expected to be but still, the shades are beautiful and I like to wear all of them. The middle one is my favorite but first and third shades together aren't far behind.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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