28 May 2016



this time I have been focusing on a primer, I have been wearing it on its own or under different BB creams and my thoughts?

Avon magix compact smoothing primer

This is Avon magix compact smoothing primer. It comes in a regular black square packaging (think eye shadow quads or blushes from the brand) with a huge mirror inside.
The product looks slightly of white, pink toned but on the skin it is clear. It doesn't come with a sponge, you have to apply it with your fingers and I don't mind that. It feels very silicone-y and when applied, the skin looks blurred. It has zero coverage but the finish looks rather soft almost matte but not quite.
I used several BB creams on top and nothing worked well, it seemed like the bases of the products weren't compatible, whatever I applied on top it looked a bit patchy like if my skin is dry. I wasn't to pleased with it so I tried the other way. I applied it on top of my make up to absorb the excess of shine and it also didn't work. It broke up the base, it just smeared the BB cream I had underneath right off.
I really tried to like this product but apparently it is a no go for me.
Did anyone else tried it and made it work?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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