06 May 2016

28. NOTD


new day new nail polish, well, actually it is old, already discontinued but still, I haven't post it here jet and that makes it new.

Catrice Forget me not

I have been neglecting this Catrice Forget me not shade for so long and two days ago I decided to paint it on my nails. I remember not liking it too much but now I really love it. Metallic shimmer makes it so eye catching especially out on the sun.

Catrice Forget me not

The color is purple but in some light looks cooler, more towards the blue territory.
When it was new I don't remember having any issues with staying power but now after so many years the texture isn't as perfect as it was. The next day I woke up with some tip wear which I fixed and added a generous layer of top coat and that does the trick.
I feel more encourage to try bolder shades this summer and step out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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