29 May 2016



today I decided to do something harder than usual, I will try to describe a scent. I think scent is a very personal and defining, it also evolves through the years and has the ability to bring back some fond memories or emotions. It is hard to capture the notes and translate them into the words, but today I decided to make this happen.

Avon Perceive perfume and body lotion

I introduce you Avon Perceive perfume and body lotion. This is the original scent and since they came out with two other versions, green Perceive Dew and pink Perceive Oasis which is also in my collection and it is one of my top ten favorites.
I am using this lotion after I get out of the shower and it is so nice to fall asleep while notes of it are soaked in my pajama so I can enjoy the scent also in the morning. If I'm going somewhere I put the lotion on before I get dressed up and top it of with the perfume.
On the box you can read that this is the limited edition but this goes only for the simple bottle design, otherwise it comes in a much fancier special bottle but I just can't be bother with it. I don't collect bottles when the product is gone, I toss them so I don't care how they look plus, I appreciate simple square bottle, I think it suits the scent very well.

I'm not very good at describing scents but I found the notes of the scent online and Avon says that they used Pepper and Freesia as top ingredients, honestly I can't smell any Pepper but the clean scent of Freesia is very obvious. Next, when the scent gets in touch with the skin and warms up you can detect Carnation, Ylang-Ylang, Plum and Gardenia. I can find Gardenia in there but other? My nose apparently isn't as sensitive as creators was. They close the scent with notes of Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood. They had to use very little of these three ingredients.
I'm often boggled by scent descriptions because I just can get all of the notes or I can smell something that by the formula isn't included.
I thought to take pictures with my Orchid because the scent reminds me of it (no Orchids don't have a scent but the attitude of the two is similar).
The scent is fresh and airy, like early summer morning. Just imagine yourself walking barefoot on the green hills with wild flowers in full bloom, with a bit of warm wind in your hair. Your white see through dress is floating around your feet while you skip around. Well, that is what I imagine when I close my eyes and spray myself with this perfume. They managed to capture the essence of sweet, innocent joy into this small bottle, just divine.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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