11 May 2016

Rose Reflection


today I wanted to pick something fun and lip products always make me giddy so, it shouldn't really be a surprise that I choose a lip gloss.

Avon ultra glazewear duo reflection line Rose Reflection

This lip gloss is from Avon and part of their new ultra glazewear duo reflection line (in the brochure they have full name written on the tube but in person they only have ultra glazwear so at first glance they don't look anything special).
This baby is in the shade Rose Reflection.

Avon ultra glazewear duo reflection line Rose Reflection

Here are just some close ups of the shade. It is a nice medium pink with lots of pearl glare. In certain light it looks more pink and in other more peachy but my camera just wouldn't pick it up. The shimmer in it looks mostly gold but when applied I really wasn't prepared.
My lips had green flash!!!! I looked like a mystical creature from the woods, if that would be the look I was going for than great but I prefer natural colors in my make-up (natural as barely there make-up, shades of my complexion not natural as colors of the nature).

Avon ultra glazewear duo reflection line Rose Reflection

Don't get fooled by these two swatches because they are both made with the same gloss, Rose Reflection. First one is a bit lighter more smeared version (after some wearing time this is how it looks like) and second is stronger and qualifies as a fresh coat.

Avon ultra glazewear duo reflection line Rose Reflection

At first it is quite pink and nice but at certain angle you can see mossy green and on worn out swatch you just can't deny green shine.
The scent is a bit stronger than in 'normal' Avon glosses, it is more vanilla infused and stronger which I don't mind. I was wearing it the whole day (when I was at home, I didn't dare to leave the house wearing green lips) and my lips were moisturized and nourished so they didn't tackle to much with the formula.
The color looks great in the tube but on my pigmented lips it is a no go, perhaps less pigmented lips could handle it and the glare would turn more peachy gold. Next time I will see my sister (she has paler lips) I will give it to her to try it, if she wouldn't like it than I'm sending it back to Avon because life is to short to wear gloss which you don't feel comfortable wearing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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