26 May 2016

Good luck


my sister travels quite a lot and she always brings me some goodies from abroad. She loves this brand and once she decided to bring some items for me to try as well and I fell in love.

Rituals Good luck scrub 

Today's product is from Rituals, good luck scrub with sweet orange and cedar wood scent. This not only smells but also feels luxurious. I don't fuss with body scrubs, I just use brush (it looks like a horse brush since it is round and it scrubs everything). I bought it years ago and it is still good while if you are using scrubs you have to keep repurchasing and to me it feels like you are flushing your money away, what I'm trying to say is that I don't buy scrubs.

Rituals Good luck scrub 

Well, those were my thoughts until this product came into my life. It smells more cedar-y than anything, whenever I use it I have a feeling I'm at luxurious spa up in the mountains. It is sugar based and it scrubs nicely while the sugar slowly melts, the particles are set in a thicker base which is full of oils so when you get out of the shower and wipe you body dry the skin already feels moisturised and it smells divine.
I definitely have to extend my wish list of Rituals products, if I judge brand by this baby I want all of the products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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