21 May 2016

aloe vera


today I have an essential product for you. I have been using aloe vera gel for years now. It is great to apply after shaving, on those mosquito bites or other nasty bugs that might find your blood delicious ;) I love braids in my hair but I can't stand those plastic bands so I soak ends of braids in this gel and they stay put for days, literally. I mix it with water to make it liquid and put it into a spray bottle and refresh my face on hot days or use it on my hair instead of hair spray, it keeps flyaways  in check and it doesn't make my hair all crispy.

Fruit of the Earth pure 100% aloe vera gel

Just recently I found another great use of this Fruit of the Earth pure 100% aloe vera gel. I apply it on a clean face in the evening and then on top I use oils. This combination helps oils penetrate faster and my skin is left dry (all of the oil sinked in) plus it helps reduce redness and swelling from acne. Since I started using this every evening, my skin looks much better in the morning. I usually use it in combination with tea tree oil but when it will get better I will replace it with lily's oil.

Aloe vera is a must product for me but after this little 'discovery' I renamed it into a holy grail product. I keep this huge bottle in my bathroom and smaller bottle in my purse because you never know.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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