02 May 2016

Missha bb cream


I finally found some time to properly test this Missha signature complexion coordinating bb cream with SPF 43. I had some time off and I prefer to test risky products (bb creams, foundations, primers, concealers...) when I don't need to go anywhere so it save me some embarrassing moments when products don't work out for me.

Missha signature complexion coordinating bb cream with SPF 43

This tube contains 20 ml of product, it is pretty small but if you are not sure if the product will work for you I think it is better to start with smaller packaging.

Missha signature complexion coordinating bb cream

This is a bb cream but the product that comes out is white. Very surprising and odd. It has tiny pigments which starts to burst on your skin. Probably they are activated by warmth of your skin and rubbing.

Missha signature complexion coordinating bb cream

Here you can see how it starts to change. At first when I dot it on my face I was a bit sceptical but soon it started to mimic my skin tone and adapt to my skin tone.

Missha signature complexion coordinating bb cream

It matches my hand and my paler face but it is very dewy, I don't mind that but it feels like a heavy duty sun block which on the other hand I don't like. You know those sun creams from the past (probably they are still around) which were very heavy and were waterproof? Well, that is exactly how this one feels. It creates barrier on my skin and lots of shine. It is not very long lasting, after a couple of hours when it really gets mixed with my natural oils I look like a light bulb.
I feel like I have to mention opacity as well. I thought I will get at least medium coverage but this bb cream does not provide any. Every flaw, blemish, discoloration was still there just more pronounced because of the extreme shine (think of a glowing highlighter all over the face).
I think they had in mind perfect Asian skin when they were creating this one. I tried it also as a primer under other bb creams with better coverage but no luck. Greasy texture screwed up with everything I put on top. Maybe I could use it on tops of my cheeks to achieve strobing effect (I'm not really into this trend but to use this product up I might just try it) otherwise I will use it as a sun cream in the summer on my chest and arms and be done with it.

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