30 April 2016

Roses on my face


today I would like to talk about one awesome product. I had older version of this already and ingredients list is almost identical. I was scared that this one won't work just like the old one but thankfully it turned out to be just as good as the old one.

Melvita fresh micellar water

So, I have been using this Melvita fresh micellar water for two weeks and results are already seen. I put a few drops on cotton pad and remove all make-up residue (I first use baby wipe then follow with face wash and as a third step I use micellar water). I really put it to the test because lately my skin started to misbehave and some acne showed up. I used this micellar water twice a day and after a couple of uses my skin started to clear up.
For me this product is forever repurchased, I know it is a bit expensive (15,30€) but so worth it. I checked their official page and they jet again changed the packaging, now the bottle isn't see through like mine but ingredient list is identical.
BTW, did I mention that it smells like fresh cut roses? Delicious.
I only wish they would reduce the price tag, other than that it is pure perfection.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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