23 April 2016

Project polish


this year I decided to try and finish as many as possible bottles of nail polish. This decision was made after I counted how many polishes I have and I started to notice that older ones don't have superb formula anymore. I initially picked 10 bottles and when I finish one or two I replace it with another one. It is almost the end of April and I know that for this month I can't use any more so I decided to post it today.

Avon Ballerina & Cherry Jubile

In January I used up two Avon polishes. First to say goodbye was dark red one, named Cherry Jubile. This was my first red nail polish, well actually this is the second bottle of it but this was the first red shade I tried and I absolutely loved it. I would repurchase it but maybe next year.
Next it is Avon Speed Dry polish in the shade Ballerina. This was a nice milky peachy pink shade and while it is still available I probably won't repurchase since I found similar shade I prefer over this one.

Essence Spell Bound! & Right, Girl!

In February I used up another two bottles but this time from Essence (I didn't planed that, it just sort of happened that way).
Again, first I used up another red shade called Right, Girl! At first I didn't cared for it but it grew on me and I enjoyed using it and probably if it would still be available I would repurchase it.
The fourth shade I was done with it was another old Essence polish from the magnetics line, named Spell Bound! I didn't use magnet with it since my nails are to curved for patterns to show up but I used it as a base for glitters and it worked just fine but it didn't stole my heart.

Essence I'm the Boss & I'm Bluetiful

These two were used up the last. In March I finished the grey one called I'm the Boss and in April I was done with the blue one called I'm Bluetiful.
Their formula started to change as you can see that the colors didn't match the bottles anymore. They were a bit dull and beautiful flakies didn't show up properly. I still managed to use them up and be done with them. I'm not sure if I would repurchase them if they would still be available simply because I was disappointed that they changed so fast and so drastically.

This is my progress in four months. I think I did well considering I was also wearing other polishes occasionally. I can only hope I will continue with this pace through the entire year.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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