22 April 2016

26. NOTD


today I decided to repaint my nails and I chose one of my new paints which I bought on beauty market. I don't even know where in Slo. you can buy LCN polishes, maybe I'm walking around them every time when I'm at the drug store but higher price makes me look away  ;)

LCN Tokyo Expression

This one is named Tokyo Expression and it has a cream finish. In the bottle color looks a bit lighter, when it dries on the nail it turns darker but not in almost black shade.

LCN Tokyo Expression

Here you can see how it looks like on the nails after an hour. Here it still looks nice but I can tell you that it doesn't looks like this anymore, I have a felling that it doesn't dry completely and if you bump you nails into something it will show up. The formula is the same as it was with the green one named New York Beat and I experienced massive tip wear the next day and I'm pretty sure the same will happen with this one.
In general, based on these two pals I'm not impressed by LCN quality and I don't see the point in buying such an expensive bottles to get not so great formula. I would rather spent my money on Avon, Essence or Catrice polishes (did you heard the news that Cosnova will launch another, third brand? The rummer has it that it will be more luxurious one. I can't wait to see more).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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