21 April 2016

I'm nuts about you...


I have been talking about one blush from this line already and I thought they would have the same formula just different color but I was wrong. I find them to be slightly different.

Catrice illuminating blush I'm nuts about you

Catrice makes these illuminating blushes and the one in the picture is named I'm nuts about you.

Catrice illuminating blush I'm nuts about you

In the pan it looks quite bronzey or nude toned but swatch made on the back of my hand proves that there is more to it. Of course when I use it on my face I use brush and the color isn't as intense but still noticeable. The pigmentation is great but you can also pick just a tiny bit of color to make it look softer. This blush also contains some golden sparkle which makes it look more warm and summery.

Catrice illuminating blush I'm nuts about you

Here you can see that it actually looks more like a burnt orange, I'm not sure if you can see the golden reflex but it is there and it is beautiful.
The difference that I noticed between the colors is in staying power. While the coral shade La vie en Rose fades trough the day I have a feeling that this one stays on longer. At the end of the day it is not as intense but still more noticeable.
I find both shades to be beautiful and I love the golden specks that makes them really glow so I'm intrigued to get the third shade as well. It is called Coral me maybe (I love the name) at it looks brighter and more vivid. I just love the formula so much.

P.S. While researching I noticed that they changed the embossment. When they came out two years ago they had diamonds on top with with equal parts of lighter and darker areas while now there is the chevron pattern with bigger area of lighter color. I don't know if they tweak the formula as well or if the colors are identical but I thought it would be interesting to know.

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