15 April 2016

Clearing BB cream


in my last e-bay package I got two Holika Holika BB creams and while the new Bouncy tube didn't completely convinced me (you can read more in detail review here) I was hoping at least this one will be appropriate for my skin tone.

Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB cream

It is called Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB cream. It is meant for oilier skin so it is less dewy. I was shocked because it looks almost matte on the skin and I have never found Asian BB cream in matte version because over there people prefer dewier skin.

Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB cream

The shade is pretty yellow and don't worry, here on the back of my hand it looks super yellow and really off but trust me on my face it blends in perfectly, even tone is light enough.
The coverage is not superb, I would say it is light but buildable to certain extend. It evens out my skin tone and blures the imperfections but it doesn't cover them. I still go over with higher coverage BB cream to conceal but the tone is perfect enough. I usually layer different ones to get the right shades and opacity so this doesn't bother me.

Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB cream

I love to apply it on top of moisturizer to get the right shade and top it of with higher coverage product to cover what needs to be covered.
I was hoping that this Clearing one will knock my socks off since Bouncy version left me a bit cold and you know what? This BB cream is great and I will definitely repurchase it. If you have yellow undertone and don't need much coverage I would suggest you to get this cheap BB with SPF 30, especially for the summer because of the matte finish. You can't go wrong.
I am wearing it every day since I got it and I'm not planing to stop using it, I will make sure I will buy back up before I finish it up completely.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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