27 April 2016



this review is long overdue. I just wanted to really test it out to see if I really like it and give you my opinion about it and did I like it?

Catrice Denim Divine LE Injeanious

This palette is from Catrice Denim Divine LE and this is the only palette that they offered but they bother and named it Injeanious. Case is made out of rose gold with a bit of a jeans texture as print on top. It looks pretty but it collects fingerprints like crazy. I also noticed that it is hard to open, I always mess up my nail polish so I don't even close it anymore and make sure I store it in safe place.

Catrice Denim Divine LE Injeanious

You get a nice mix of neutrals and a bright coral thrown in the mix, also they played a bit with finishes and tossed some matte, semi-matte and metallic shades in there.

Catrice Denim Divine LE Injeanious

The first shade is shimmery and for me perfect for highlighting my inner corners. I like the fact that is is cool toned, with some silver sparkles since I don't like gold in my inner corners. I can imagine it would look good also as an all over the lid if you like something shimmery and eye catching.
Second shade is barely visible here on my hand and it is matte shade which  I like to use on top of my slightly sticky base. I could leave it alone but since I'm not huge on matte trend I put other shades on top and use this one as a base or to help blend my crease shade better if I put too much of dark tones, since it matches my skin color.
Third shade is that bright coral which makes this palette such an eye catcher. Worn all over the lid it makes a statement but paired with other browns it helps to warm them up and make them just a bit more interesting.

Catrice Denim Divine LE Injeanious

Fourth shade have some sort of a metallic sheen and bronzey touch. It looks amazing as a single all over the lid shade or mixed together with coral shade to make it warmer and more like sunset.
Fifth shade is semi-matte and nice for faking or accentuating the crease. For my light skin tone this one is great.
The last shade looked a bit odd to me. All of the shades are warm and go well together but this one looks like it is dark blue and just don't fit with the rest, well that was what I thought before trying it. It is dark grey but you can intensify it and make it look black. I can use it to fill in my brows (I have to be careful and not overdue it) since they are black or as a liner to line my upper lash line.

Catrice Denim Divine LE Injeanious

I feel like this palette has everything I want. Strong highlighter, nice neutrals to play for days and darker grey/black which I can use on my brows or eyes. It is a great companion I just wish it wouldn't be so hard to open.
I always struggle with eye shadow palettes because there is always one or two or half of the shades I just don't love that much and I know I won't use them. I have two or three palettes where I like all of the colors but I think they all are missing some shades to make them perfect and now this one came along and for me it is amazing. I seriously don't need any other eye shadows, this palette is sufficient.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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