11 April 2016

Perfect grey


the more products I try from the natural Benecos brand the more I love it. There is one slip and if you are interested which item didn't really convinced me you can find it here. Today I'm showing you the same product in different color but it seems like it also have different formula.

Benecos natural kajal in Grey

As mentioned this is Benecos natural kajal in Grey. I assume this shade gets overlooked because its more popular black sister always steals the show. I'm personally not a fan of black eye make-up on myself but instead I like to reach over grey shades to define my eyes or I like to say, to put them on the map of my face.

Benecos natural kajal in Grey 

Here is a close up to show that this is not your average grey shade, usually they are darker some appear on the lid almost black. I don't like those 'fake' grey shades, if I'm getting grey I want it to be grey but I imagine that this is not for everyone.

Benecos natural kajal in Grey (second swatch)

The first swatch was made with black pencil and second belongs to the Benecos Grey shade I'm talking in details here. It is quite obvious how much lighter it is and that it does not have the same impact but if you like softer looks this is the shade for you. It still gives me some definition but my eye isn't swollen by it.
I find the formula to be outstanding. I have very oily, greasy and a bit saggy lids which means that pencils tend to print on top of my lid quite often. With this particular shade that didn't happen and I'm more than pleased that it thick all the boxes.
For me this shade is close to perfection, the formula works for me and it is a natural product that don't break the bank, what else could I want from it?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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