05 April 2016

Afrodita cosmetics skin care


I was in need for a new eye cream. Previous one weirdly enough made my under eye veins more prominent so I stopped using it every single day but I still feel that my skin would benefit if I would use something moisturizing every day. I heard some good reviews about this eye cream and while I was there I picked up some extra items from the same line.

Afrodita cosmetics hydra thermal natural mineral water
face cream, eye cream & concentrate

All three items are from Afrodita cosmetics hydra thermal natural mineral water line. The first in a square box is an ultra moisturizing cream for normal to combination skin.
Second is my much needed eye cream which fights against first wrinkles, reduces dark circles and puffiness.
Last item is a bonus one (I don't really need it but I thought it could work well with other items already in my routine). It is a concentrate with matte finish effect and provides skin with extra moisture. You can use it on its own or in combination with a cream if your skin is on dryer side.

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