02 April 2016

Spa day


I have some mixed feeling about this next product. It didn't work on my face at all but it was great when I used it on the rest of my body.

Afrodita cosmetics yoghurt with honey and shea butter

I'm talking about Afrodita cosmetics yoghurt with honey and shea butter for face and body. It has a nice creamy texture and spreads nicely all over, in fact you don't need much so this huge jar will last me for a long time. It is recommended to use after sauna or in hot steamy shower which opens up your pores and moisturising ingredients in this mask can penetrate deeper. To me it smells like caramel with some vanilla, very luxurious so I first tried it on my face.

Afrodita cosmetics yoghurt with honey and shea butter

I didn't like it. My face is sensitive and almost immediately my face started to burn, especially around my nose and after a couple minutes I felt like my entire face is on fire. I tried it twice and honestly I'm not brave enough to give it a go another time. The other day I tried it on my body after I washed it and it was fine. I feel like it spreads even better if the skin is wet, I left it on for two-three minutes and then I rinsed it off and my skin felt so smooth and moisturised, not to mention how great it smelled.
I can't use it on my face but my skin on my body loves it and I can't wait to have another spa day while using this lovely product.

Thank you for redading and have a nice day

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