14 April 2016

25. NOTD


it has been a long time since I posted a photo of what I'm wearing on my nails, the reason behind is that I'm using the same colors over and over again in order to finish them up. I'm doing this for the first time and my goal is to finish between 12 to 16 bottles this year. So far I cleared out 5 bottles and this fast progress is making me think I can really do it.

LCN nail polish New York Beat

Enough rambling, yesterday I applied this LCN nail polish in the shade New York Beat (I found the name on their web site, on the bottles there are only numbers). It applied like a dream, so smooth and easily also the drying time was impressive. By the time I finished painting nails on my second hand, nails on first hand were almost dry.

LCN nail polish New York Beat

To me this color is really beautiful and since I don't have anything similar in my collection I know I will wear it a lot. Honestly, I'm not a big green fan but this shade is so stunning to me because it is dark and classy and it is not obviously green. The cream finish suits this shade perfectly so probably I won't top it off with glitter top coat.
There is a bit of a drawback, yes they are expensive but I got a good deal for both shades I purchased. I wanted to point out that when I woke up today I already noticed some tip wear which usually don't happen to me at least when I use Essence nail polishes which are dirty cheap compared to this brand. I will try the other shade and I will report back soon if that happens with that one too.

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