10 April 2016

First Slovenian cosmetics and make-up fair


I just got home from first beauty fair in Slovenia. The event took two days but I attended only today on Sunday and I loved it. I got there at around 11.00 am and stayed till the end, time passed so fast, I guess that happens always when you are having a good time. I listened almost all of the lectures because I found them very informative and they covered different topics.

first Slovenian cosmetics and make-up fair

I missed a little at the beginning of very interesting lecture about hormones and how they affect our body from Sanja Toljan. I wished I would have some notebook with me to make notes.
After her the stage was taken by mystical creatures. Seven different make-up artists created seven different creatures of beauty and they gave prizes to the top three artists. There was a lot of things to see and I only wished that we could saw them up close but otherwise they did an amazing job.
Evgen Gec followed, he talked about doubling incomes in cosmetic saloons. I don't have my own business but I'm interested in the topic since I studied economy. He is not only in marketing and lecturing about business but he is also a make-up artist. One sentence I really remembered from his speech was that there aren't bad products, there are only different ones.

Next lecture about dental care I skipped but the last one was so worth it. On the stage we saw Emeše Bačkai, international make-up artist who talk us through 3D bridal make-up and then showed her magic on two models. She definitely gave me the will to try some new techniques. She has her own Youtube channel and page where you can see some of her work.

LCN hand creams
LCN nail polishes

In between the lectures I had very limited time to see all the stands and check who came to present. I bought little something from LCN, some small hand creams in different scents for my loved ones as gifts and two cool nail polishes.  Here on the photo they look very similar but they are not. First one is dark army green and the other one is grey, they both have cream finish but no names written on the bottles.

Afrodita cosmetics body mousse in cocoa butter
and vitamin E with strawberry scent

I couldn't resist and I indulge in another body moisturiser. This time is Afrodita cosmetics body mousse in cocoa butter and vitamin E with strawberry scent. I have been eyeing this item in the store for some time now and with a bit of the discount that they had on fair I finally got it. I was surprised that the strawberry scant is barely detectable, to me it smells more like caramel. Maybe this will also be given away to special someone.

The last item was the reason why I inspected Afrodita cosmetics stand a bit closer. Last year they released super popular fast tanning jam in the pot which got sold out in pretty much all of the stores. The rummer was that the company was not able to produce enough pots, everyone went crazy and this year they are adding new product to the family. It is supposed to be the same product except in a bottle form. The sales assistant told me that this item is not jet in the stores but it will be available soon. This is dry oil and the lady there was so nice and she let me try it and indeed it dried almost instantly not like the jam in pot that stayed sticky even after an hour after the application. I have a feeling that this product will be even bigger hit.

Afrodita cosmetic fast tanning jam in dry oil version

To sum it up really quick. I'm so happy that something is finally starting to happen in Slovenia in make-up and cosmetic. I can only hope that we will have more gatherings like that or at least that they will make this fair annual.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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