18 April 2016

It smells like roses...


spring is in full force already and what should I talk about today, I asked myself? Something springy would be appropriate. When thinking of spring I smell freshly cut grass, birds chirping and flowers in full bloom, I was thinking about all that while moisturizing my hands with a hand cream that smells like roses.

 Melvita beauty hand and nail cream with rose extracts

Here it is beauty hand cream from Melvita with rose extracts. It smells divine, not your typical rose scent but it is very close to Alverde rose oil, the texture is also a bit oily because the cream even if you use very little doesn't absorb fast so you will without any doubt leave greasy fingerprints all over your keyboard or phone. I don't appreciate that at all. It claims to rejuvenate and moisturize your hands and nails, honestly I didn't noticed any difference. My hands after a while still gets dry and cracked but hey, they smell nice ;)
This cream is fairly expensive and for me it just don't do anything, would I repurchase? No, I won't.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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