29 April 2016

Pink lips


two days ago we were surprised by snow. Out of the bright blue sky white flakes started to fall and it got so cold that we had to shovel our way out to get to work and electricity was also out so I couldn't even use internet but today I have something really good for you.

Aldo Vandini Volume lip balm

This lip balm/gloss is by Aldo Vandini. I bought it a long time ago but started using it recently. I took two versions and the first one which was adorned with purple flowers and it was supposed to be moisturising was not good. Mediocre moisturising properties and horrible plastic taste just aren't my thing so I didn't had high hopes for this one.

Aldo Vandini Volume lip balm

This one is supposed to be volumizing which I haven't noticed but it has a lovely sweet scent but no taste what so ever. The packaging is just right, 10 ml, and the hole where the product comes out is nicely sized and angled applicator makes it easy to apply while on the go.

Aldo Vandini Volume lip balm

I know here it looks like bugger but on the lips it looks nice. It is pink with some pearl shine, no distinctive shimmer or glitter just pearly shine and I guess that is the volumizing part of the product. I have been using it all day and my lips are nourished and soft. I wish it would be glossier, juicier just like a proper lip gloss but it is still all right considering that this is actually a lip balm. It provides my lips with some shine but to maintain I have to reapply quite often. At the end I don't mind if the product really nourishes and keeps my lips from looking dry and flaky. I think that this is a nice little product for girls who like just a tad of color and soft, kissable lips  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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