16 April 2016



as a person with oily skin I was never a big fan of highlighters but I do like my skin dewy because I think matte finish on me looks ridiculous but to add more shine to my face? It sounds completely against my nature but I discovered that some of my blushes are matte and almost always I added my one highlighter (this was before I got this one) on top to make it glow (if my face is dewy and cheeks are super matte I feel weird, whole face should have the same finish, at least that is my opinion). I don't put it on highest points of my face all over but only on areas where I used blush. That is my way of using it.

Benecos natural highlighting powder Stardust

So I had one highlighter before and when Benecos had their products on sale I felt the need to test their highlighter as well. In the store they had sample and I could swear that the shimmer it contains reflected silver and since the one I had was gold/bronze I wanted to get this one to achieve different effects but as it turned out this one is also on the warm side.

Benecos natural highlighting powder Stardust

So it has their signature embossed flower on the product and in the pan it looks slightly off white with some pink undertone but on the skin if applied with a brush you only get shimmer which is very sparse and makes a very subtle highlight. I'm still new at this illuminating game so I'm okay with light effect but what bothers me that it gives sparkling effect rather illuminating.

Benecos natural highlighting powder Stardust

Here I swatched it on the back of my hand with a finger not a brush and I moisturized my hands prior with a hand cream so the skin was still a bit tacky just to make a strong swatch for the camera to pick it up. I doubt you can build it up like that on your cheeks. Here it does look similar to Terra Naturi highlighter that I love so much but the truth is that this one goes on like a sparse glitter/shimmer and it doesn't look too natural in my opinion. Here it looks like it has yellow/gold base with a sheen but that looks like that only because of a heavy swatch applied with a finger.
This product left me cold, if I would know what I know now I wouldn't buy it but the other day I was playing with it and put a little on my lids and it was nice for a quick look but I have no idea if I will be able to use it up in this life because the pan is bigger than the ones blushes comes in, actually it is the same size as a compact powder which I also wrote detailed review about it here.

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