26 April 2016

Are they really similar?


the other day when I was doing my make-up I spotted potential dupes. I bought so many eye shadows lately that I lost track of them, so it is possible that I'm buying similar colors.
Sometimes they don't look so similar while in the pan but when you swatch them you have to admit that you really don't need both.

Misslyn Flirty Copper & Benecos So what!

First one is from Misslyn Eyes, eyes baby edition in the shade Flirty Copper and second one is from Benecos in So what! shade. On the first glance they do look similar and I was curious if they could be swapped.

Benecos So, what! & Misslyn Flirty Copper 

On the swatches I changed order (I'm sorry, I really wasn't thinking). First swatch is made with Benecos one which is more gold compared with bronzier Misslyn shade.

Benecos So, what! & Misslyn Flirty Copper 

Flirty Copper from Misslyn also appears more metallic than Benecos mono shade.
So, the verdict is that they are not dupes at all and I can keep them both but in the future I have to be more careful. I like them both and I just couldn't pick favorite.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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