04 April 2016

So what!


I almost forgot that I haven't posted a review about this little eye shadow. It has quickly found its place in my routine and almost always I incorporate it in my looks.

Benecos eye shadow So what!

I bought it from Benecos and the name of the shade is So what! The formula is buttery soft with a lot of pigment, so no plain shadow here. They have a couple of other shades but non of them is really neutral except for this one which is a shame. I think they should make more neutral shades for us neutral loving gals.

Benecos eye shadow So what!

The color is a beautiful mix of gold and bronze and it doesn't have any shimmer but it does have great sateen finish that glows. I often use it for one shadow look but sometimes I deepen my crease with a bit of chocolate brown and I basically let this shade to be the star of the look.

I would get more singles if any other shade would appeal to me but so far this will be the only one. I also bought one neutral quad which I haven't even started cracking, I know, it is sad but I just bought way too many eye shadows and I just don't have enough time to properly test all of them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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