13 April 2016

Time for Creamy Beige


if you read my previous post about new Maybelline color tattoo pot then you would know how much I love it. I have been using it non stop but I did put it down to test the other more brown shade.

Maybelline color tattoo Creamy Beige

This one is called Creamy Beige and if it looks a bit weird on the photo it is because I had to do a little magic with the Photoshop. You see, I usually check products before I buy them to make sure no one has been opening them and sticking their filthy fingers in them but on this one I didn't check and I got the filthy one. Oh my, the stores have samples use them and not the actual product meant for sale. I can't stress enough how rude it is to open products and test them out. I once witnessed a girl applying lip gloss on her mouth and then put it back like nothing happened, I guess she didn't liked the color (me saying it in full sarcasm tone).

I will try to keep my rant down so I will tell you that I whipped it off and toss quite a lot of product but what else can I do?
After that I started using it and I can't believe I'm saying that but I actually like this shade even more than Creme de Rose. 

Maybelline color tattoo Creamy Beige swatch

Here on the first swatch you can see how it looks when smudged and that is also how I wear it and second is not smudged and more intense to show the color. It is warm chocolate shade which brings out my blue eyes. Sometimes I wear it on its own or I put very light layer of neutral shade on top which doesn't really alter the shade but ads a sateen finish which is my favorite plus a layer of mascara and my eye look is done. It is so simple but it looks like I did so much more, well at least I think so ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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