12 April 2016

La vie en Rose


today I was thinking when was the last time I used the blush which I bought last year... probably last year ;) This obsession with blushes is quite recent and it hasn't slowed down. Slowly I'm discovering which shades and finishes I like. I would say I'm very open and so far I'm distancing myself only from pink blushes, I don't know if they really don't look good on me or is just my perception.

Catrice illuminating blush La vie en Rose

This blush is far away from being pink. It is more of a soft peach with nude undertone. It is one of the Catrice illuminating blushes in the shade La vie en Rose which was released this January if I'm not mistaken.

Catrice illuminating blush La vie en Rose

The pattern is mesmerizing but on mine is almost gone so that is really not good enough reason to get it. I liked the two different colors in the pan to create different effects but honestly I don't bother and just mix them together. On top there is some shimmer/glitter particles but on the skin they were not to obvious. I feel that now they are mostly gone and the effect that it gives to my skin is luminous without the sparkle. Just what I like.

Catrice illuminating blush La vie en Rose swatch

Here you can barely see it on the back of my hand, you can magnify it but I really couldn't capture the color but probably you can see the sheen. I would say that on my cheeks it is more obvious because I'm lighter and probably the brush application on slightly dewy skin helps.
The only flaw I could find is that it does not stay on for the entire day, slowly it starts disappearing and after 8 hour shift I can barely notice it but even that has a good side. If you are a beginner, have a heavy hand or just want to practice this is great for you.
This little flaw won't slow me down, I wish it would have better staying power but it is still alright because at the end I'm still not experienced in applying and sheer wash of color always looks better in my opinion, right?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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