19 April 2016

eyes, eyes baby


it took me forever to finally try this Misslyn eye shadow from their Eyes, eyes baby limited edition. I don't know for how long it will be available but usually their stuff don't get sold out to fast, at least in Slovenia they don't.

Misslyn Eyes, eyes baby eye shadow Flirty Copper

The name of this particular shade is Flirty Copper and it is the most neutral shade from the collection. They have some pretty interesting colors but neutrals always warms up my heart simply because I'm not adventurous with my eye make-up.
This shadow is buttery soft, I know that because when I touched it with my fingers to make a swatch it really felt nice, I kind of want to use it with my fingers and not with a brush  ;)

Misslyn Eyes, eyes baby eye shadow Flirty Copper

I thought it would be fun to swatch it with a brush and then with a finger which always intensify the color, so first swatch is made with a brush and second stronger is applied with a finger. When I apply it on my lid with a brush I still get better color because I put it on top of a sticky base and I use two or three layers to get the color. If you noticed the color looks different in the pan than on the swatch. In the packaging it looks darker and more brown while swatched brings more of its bronzy gold nature. On the skin it looks almost metal or wet simply because it does not contains shimmer but it has a beautiful sateen finish.
I'm super happy with this shade especially because I heard not so great reviews about their shadows in general, I hear people say that they are not pigmented enough and that they don't last. I haven't experienced that at least with this one and since this is the only one I own I really can't judge but next time I will check their stand and if something will look nice I won't hesitate to get it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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