28 November 2020

November shopping


I did a little bit of shopping and I feel like I didn't do too much. It has been quite a long time ago since I got some new make-up and this little trip felt so good plus there are some 'necessities' that I'm running out so these will nicely replace them on time.

I am huge fan of Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation but this time I got it in a lighter shade named Porcelain Beige. Recently I had a feeling like my shade is a bit too dark so now I opted for a lighter option and I'm almost done with my bottle.

Next is another Catrice essential which is  Camouflage Cream in the shade Ivory. I have a little bit left in mine but since it is so very old I decided to just replace it with a fresh one. I love it for my uneven skin on my face and now with the mask covering my face and rubbing my skin and creating more acne...

I got myself a new lipstick and I'm super proud because I opted only for a tester and Avon recently came out with three new lipstick collections and I only got one out of all of them and even that one is a mini ;) This is Legend Cream lipstick and the shade is a lovely rose tone named Five Star.

Gloss next to it is from the new Catrice line named Powefull 5 lip balm (it looks like a gloss, it feels like a gloss, I don't know why they had to call it a lip balm?). I picked up the shade Fresh Acai Berry and can't wait to finally try it out.

On the bottom there is e.l.f. Make up mist & set fixing spray. I'm almost done with two so I decided to just get a new one that I haven't tried before even though I'm very happy with my Catrice ones.

Last are three new nail polishes and first is Catrice ICONails in a shade Get Lost In Red You Love which is a deep red and it reminds me of my first red polish from Avon Cherry Jubilee. It was dark red and oh so beautiful. I'm familiar with the Catrice lovely formula so I'm sure I will love it.

The other two are from Trend it Up Urban Safari collection. They look like they will be beautiful toppers but I will see how opaque they will be on its own. The shimmery white is 030 and olive green is 050.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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