22 November 2020

Berry Drizzle


we live in crazy times we can all agree on that, but a little self care is always a good pick me up. For today I have a product that always make me happy whenever I use it.


Avon Color Trend fruity lip gloss in the shade Berry Drizzle. It comes in a handy dandy 10 ml tube. I got it in a prearranged set and couldn't choose shade so that is why I have this purple gloss that I wouldn't pick myself.

The color is pretty light but it is packed with purple/blue shimmers. If I apply super thick coat the shade and shimmer is visible but for normal application they are barely visible. This gloss has some of my favorite look. It looks very glossy and juicy on the lips.
I'm wearing it through all day long and my lips aren't complaining so I will go that far and say that it is moisturizing enough for me on its own.

Here I applied it pretty thick but on the lips the shade and blue reflexion are barely visible and I'm glad. The texture is non sticky and this gloss has somewhat sweet watermelon scent. 
Even though it looks a bit scary in the tube it is very subtle and I love it. Avon used to have these Shiny Tubes glosses and they were amazing (I went through 6 tubes and have 2 more backups) but I think I like these new ones better because of the fruity scent and because these are even juicier looking on my lips.
I'm usually super happy with Avon glosses and this one didn't disappoint ether. I will most definitely get some more of them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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